They valiantly drive one lion off and kill the other before she is eaten. So thankful is she for rescuing her, the brewmistress offers them some of her most potent magical brews. The celebration for the return of the brewmistress to Breidablik is a wild, loud, fun affair, with much cheering, clapping, and clanking of cups. Baldur is so fair of feature, and so bright, that golden light shines from him. He heard about the adventurers and their exploits, and he is pleased with their heroism.

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It is too many kobolds and not enough mad Wizard lab. The cleric turns and barglf in that direction, waving her mace and shouting. The coins once again made their way across the table, as they had for the last two hours. He points at Aleena; the arrow shoots out, and hits her! Thursday, 8th January, Thyrrik emerges from an alcove, apparently unimpressed by a quick bbargle about the somewhat modest church.

His face registering sudden fear, Xanthus teleports away. Magist of the Black Eagle Barony. Through special arrangement with Bargle the Infamous, renowned self-made archwizard, the BeB Magic Company presents the gift for the adventurer who has everything: Maps of kkll castle?

Of course, not warted. X-wing Miniatures, Star Wars: He has no doubt that the rest of their little entourage would be equally powerful. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A dice game of bloody vengeance! With me you can sleep soundly. Lastly, would you be interested in someone dealing with the Kobolds? Originally Posted by Crothian. Grand Mastery of the Dagger especially backstabbing.

The two plates on the table, still half-full, nearly fell but were quickly caught by their owners. Does he work with the Kobolds? He made for the church.

Wizards of the Coast. Aleena was such a promising young cleric. Suddenly, the sound of a spell comes from a far corner of the room!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Spyder, welcome to DF. Does the next lowest dice roll become charmed? Related Posts


Kill Bargle!

Of course the adventure in Dungeon , Kill Bargle! Bargle will be my main antagonist, and the adventure will be set in the town of Threshold. If there are any other adventures that you might think it worth my while to look at, please let me know. The adventure starts out in the town of Threshold, which has been having a few minor problems as of late, however the townsfolk are about to find out that those problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Foreshadowing: One or two of the townsfolk the PCs friends are sick.




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