This island seems to have been under the Kings of Ramanathapuram in modern Tamil Nadu. During the British era, the island was administered by both the sides. Sri Lanka claimed it mainly because of its strategic location; and this issue was discussed many a times before In what circumstances, this island was given to Sri Lanka?

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Kachchatheevu location in Jaffna Peninsula, extreme bottom left or southwest of the map. History[ edit ] The island was earlier part of the Ramnad Kingdom which existed in Madurai district of India. Later on with the British rule on the Indian subcontinent was the island part of the Madras Presidency. India recognized Sri Lankan equal ownership.

The legality of the transfer was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court since the recognizing was not ratified by the Indian parliament. This recognition of an island that is culturally important to fishermen of Tamil Nadu state in India has led to some agitations by Tamil Nadu politicians that it should be claimed to Indian sovereignty.

The island is also important for fishing grounds used by fishers from both countries. The Indo-Sri Lankan agreement allows Indian fishermen to fish around Katchatheevu and to dry their nets on the island.

The island has a Catholic shrine that attracted devotees from both countries. In the Sri Lankan government issued a notice to the Tamil Nadu government saying the Indian court cannot nullify the agreement. Jayalalithaa , filed a petition in the Supreme Court that the declaration of the and agreements between India and Sri Lanka on ceding of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka were unconstitutional.

However, the Indian government has stated, "No territory belonging to India was ceded nor sovereignty relinquished since the area was in dispute and had never been demarcated" and that the dispute on the status of the island was settled in by an agreement, and both countries took into account historical evidence and legal aspects.

It is a church named after St. Antony, considered a patron-saint of seafarers by the Christians. It was built by a prosperous Indian an Indian Catholic Tamilian fisherman Srinivasa Padaiyachi in the early 20th century. The annual church festival runs for three days. The priests from both India and Sri Lanka conduct the mass and car procession. Pilgrims from India are ferried mostly Rameswaram. According to the agreement between the Indian and Sri Lankan government, the citizens of India are not required to possess an Indian passport or Sri Lankan visa for visiting Kachchatheevu.

The island lacks drinking water.


Katchatheevu: The big issue over a small island

No maps of Sri Lanka showed it as its territory. The issue was discussed some times during the meeting between Indian and Sri Lankan leaders. However suddenly in Indira Gandhi has signed an agreement whereby Kachatheevu was given to Sri Lanka. Many reasons may be attributed.



Jayalalithaa pushed for the retrieval of Katchatheevu, the centre of a long-standing dispute between the fishermen of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. The acre land, strategically important for fishing activities, was owned by the Raja of Ramnad Ramanathapuram and later became part of the Madras Presidency after the delimitation of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait during British rule between the then governments of Madras and Ceylon. In , both Sri Lanka and India claimed this piece of land for fishing and the dispute remained unsettled. This forced M.



Init was made clear that Indian fishermen are not allowed to fish on the Sri Lankan side. Katchatheevu — Wikipedia Most fishermen do not stop at Katchatheevu but venture almost up to the Sri Lankan coast. As many as 35 country boats and mechanized boats ferry the pilgrims, mostly from Rameswaram; there is not a drop of drinking water katchatyeevu the island, and the only structure is a church named after St. Popular Tags pakistan rahul-gandhi india rbi featured congress arvind-kejriwal featuredet gst delhi economy demonetisation modi bjp cricket bollywood supreme-court us aap arun-jaitley donald-trump gdp china corruption narendra-modi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Later inJayalalithaa moved the Supreme Court to nullify the Katchatheevj agreements of and Why Modinomics will katchatheevuu usher in acche din in the short term Strong leader, a brittle virtue? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Katchatheevu Island Issue


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