His master betrayed and killed , young Caleb Dume is alone. When being a Jedi makes him a target, what can a Padawan do? Dume is touched by the meditating Billaba, who senses Jedi being killed throughout the galaxy by Clone troopers. Caleb and Depa rise just as the Clone troopers point their blasters at them. She tells Caleb to "run", a word that will haunt him for years to come. Caleb is too paralyzed by fear and shock to run.

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This is first exposure to combat. Armed with their lightsabers and the Force , Dume and Billaba slice through hordes of stormtroopers. The Jedi and Clone troopers smash their way through the Separatist droid ranks and approach the Separatist fortress.

With General Billaba routing his droid forces, the Separatist General Kleeve orders a retreat and makers preparations to depart on his personal shuttle. He knows that the Kallerans did not appreciate Separatist rule and asks if Key would appear Republic "tyranny. Billaba promises not to exploit the villagers for supplies and labor like the Separatists. When Key asks where General Billaba and her staff will billet, another Kalleran named Janus Kasmir interjects and explains that the Kallerans see little difference between the Separatists and the Republic.

Kasmir asks what is the name of the General. Captain Styles calls Kasmir an ungrateful "tuft-sucket" but General Billaba calms them down. Key accepts her proposal. Master and apprentice Edit Caleb asks his master how she can allow Kasmir to treat her rudely. Taking Caleb to a hill, Billaba apologizes for neglecting his training and gives him a lightsaber lesson. When Billaba asks what Caleb feels, Caleb replies that he has questions.

When Billaba asks about his heart, he reassures her that he is at peace. Caleb confides that he is happy to have found his place in the Clone Wars despite the suffering it has brought to the galaxy.

While noticing that Caleb is comfortable with Commander Grey and Captain Styles, she warns him that the war will not go on forever, nor his apprenticeship. She warns him not to get too attached to these things. While those emotions are valuable and should not be suppressed, she counsels her Padawan to rule over them.

Billaba explains that she wanted to show him that the Republic and Separatists are different and to lead by example. Billaba confides that she thinks that the Jedi Order erred in taking military titles. Grey and Styles disagree and say that they would have lost this war without Jedi leadership. Billaba responds that it is not a matter of leadership but of role and rank. Grey disagrees and tells Billaba that she underestimates the value of a clear chain of command.

Caleb is frightened that Billaba is questioning the decision of the Jedi High Council. However, Billaba reminds him that Caleb was infamous for asking too many questions. Commander Gray jokes that the kid never stops asking questions and playfully brushes his head.

Caleb responds that he only asks questions to better understand why a decision was made and never questioned the decisions themselves.

Billaba thinks she was being glib and tells Caleb that she picked him as her Padawan because of his questioning nature. She gives him a holocron and tells him to study the role of questions and peaceful dissent in the Jedi Order.

Caleb thanks Billaba. Styles teases Caleb for being a troublemaker. Meanwhile, Commander Grey receives a hologram message from a cloaked Supreme Chancellor Palpatine ordering him to execute Order


Kanan - The Last Padawan (2015) #1



Kanan - The Last Padawan #3



Kanan - The Last Padawan (2015 - 2016)


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