Force Necessary Force Necessary Force Necessary is an international teaching organization started by Hock Hochheim in that is dedicated to researching and instructing less-than-lethal and lethal hand, stick, knife and gun combat. His research sources for the criteria are from police, military, the martial arts, and the aware citizen, taking the best of what works from each. He then filtered and organized the material based on his own views and personal experience stemming from more than 30 years or military and police experience. His goal, his mission, is to bridge the gap between these sciences and educate all of these groups. Enlightened members inside each group know things about war, crime, combat, and survival that the other groups do not.

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Over how-to photos New! Second Edition! New formulation and Vital Information. The essence of hand, stick, knife and gun fighting. These Training Mission books document my mission. Stop 1 is all the vital, pre-fight, pre-crime moves, interview and ambush, counter-stalking information and intelligence, plus the stress drills and scenarios of weapon, quick draws. The unarmed level covers all the Level 1 strikes, kicks and grappling. A practitioner may choose to study one or all of those 4 courses.

The book is in two parts. Part 1 covers the pre-crime, pre-fight criteria of Stop 1 of the Stop 6. Part 2 of the book covers the physical and mental requirements, skills, drills and scenarios specific for hand, stick, knife and gun level 1.

Look above. Also available in E-book in full color. This book will be viewed on the internet, anywhere, anytime, via the company viewer. Hock Hochheim is a military vet, police vet and multiple martial arts, black belt vet with 3 decades of line operations experience, much of that time as a criminal investigator. He currently teaches hand, stick, knife and gun in some 25 seminars a year in 11 allied countries.


Force Necessary – The Big 7 Big Courses

Shaktijinn No one in miswion has ever amassed such a comprehensive encyclopedia on this collective body of hand, stick, knife and gun CQC combatives, all a forged hybrid from military, police, martial arts and medical, historical and psychological disciplines. He might place his legs and feet in such a manner as to suggest a quick leap to his feet. Army military vet with three decades of experience, a former private investigator and graduate of many academies, street survival courses and combat schools. Self-cuffing kidnap escape trick Often, criminals hold weapons on officers and order the officer to handcuff themselves. Hock Hochheim Option 1 The knife makes arm contact and then moves to slash the throat. It is good for nearby witnesses to hear your wishes.


Book - Training Mission One

United Kingdom. South Africa. Veteran W. Hock Hochheim teaches Force Necessary courses in these countries. His videos and books have sold in 43 countries.

INZ 1025 PDF

Force Necessary




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