What started as a simple fantasy, turned into a deeper sexual intimacy. We began in a snail-pace, holding it back because of the consequences that might arise. But sooner, we became bolder. We were already doing it at will. Kapag may pagkakataon, ginagawa namin.

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You are on page 1of 53 Search inside document Trike does motel service My boyfriend once visited me at our house riding on a tricycle he borrowed from his brother.

We were talking just outside the gate, where there was not much light. He became so aroused that he decided we should do a quickie right then and there, inside the trike!

I was wearing a skirt then, so it was easy for him to hoist my hips to his and slip his shaft in. He pounded me hard, once in a while stopping whenever a car would pass by. I doubt if the tricycle was a good enough cover for us but it was a great nookie.

I was bitin because of all the abrupt pauses though, but hey fucking on a tricycle? That should be an original. Before he went to the States he was all ugly and nerdy but living abroad changed him a lot—when I saw him he looked amazing. Yup, I did it with my cousin. It happened one night before he was to go back to the States. Since I was the one who served as his guide during his stay we had become inseparable. On his last night he invited me to sleep over at their place.

Because he was a relative, my folks agreed. Now, the place had one large room with two beds and a spare. His mom and sister took the other bed while his dad his whole family went with him took the spare. I was a bit thrilled that he and I would share the same bed. I tried to stop him but since I was horny I let him finger-fuck me. Grabe, I never thought you could feel horny and frightened at the same time! The morning after, my tito kept apologizing for his snoring. If only he knew it was music to our ears.

Horny sneaks evade arrest o celebrate our fifth month together, my boyfriend and I decided to eat at a fancy restaurant.

But I guess I was just too horny to wait until the dinner was over that while he was still driving to the resto, I showed him exactly how hot I was. My playing around heated him up he decided to just park his car somewhere. Things heated up and before I knew it, I was totally naked and we were doing the deed!

Five minutes into it and I already came twice, how good was that?! I panicked, images of us inside a police precinct flashing before my eyes. My guy instinctively revved his engine and in seconds we were evading arrest. He drove butt naked at kph, man! When the coast seemed clear he dropped me off at a gasoline station. There I was disheveled— and to make things worse, my belt was hanging limp from my pants, my fly was open, and my thong was in my pocket!

I commend my guy—who by the way happens to be my husband of 10 amazing months now —for good driving. Priest witnesses earthly love Me and my boyfriend made it a point to explore each other because we were both in a relationship for the first time.

The first three months together was unknown to my folks; we would actually meet at the neighborhood chapel playground. We would hang out there with friends until midnight. As we talked, I could feel his hands groping for my breasts under my shirt.

I felt so hot then that I immediately gave him my first blowjob. He groped for my pussy and gave me a good fingering. It was our chapel priest! Come Sunday, mass was held. Get this: the priest actually included what he witnessed in his sermon. Of course I pleaded innocent! Now my boyfriend and I do it in our clubhouse.

It really excites me doing it in different places! Everybody got drunk that night and I carried my very drunk friend upstairs to a room. Sitting on the bed, he asked me to do an erotic dance. And I did. He suddenly grabbed me and laid me down the bed and started kissing my thighs as I parted my legs widely.

My friend let go of his inhibitions that night and made wild love to me three times. Later, he whispered over the phone that it would be real hot if he would just scoot over and finish off the deed himself.

He found me in the bedroom all naked and gave me the best tongue any pussy could ever receive. After a few minutes, our maid stormed in my room, with a knife in her hand.

She asked if I was okay because she saw someone climbing our bakod. The maid called my mom to give an account of the incident. It was supposedly his 18th birthday so I promised to give him something special. He was really cute—mestizo, toned body for a boy, plus his uniform made him look yummier. He drove me to my house in Pasig and on the way there, I caressed his inner thigh, making his leg and everything else stiffen.

Once we reached Libis, I pulled his zipper and bent down to suck his young, hard dick. I told him not to stop driving as I proceeded to lick his balls all the way up the length of his dick, as his right hand blindly pleasured my nipples. He moaned loudly and when he came in my mouth, I sat up to see that we were about to enter a drive-in motel! What followed were three incredibly unforgettable wild rounds. The thought of him being an ignoramus on sex made me hatch a plan to, well, pop his milk carton.

One day, I insisted on hanging out at his apartment he was alone. I made a joke about pinching his dick and, sensing that he was getting the signal, gave him a lingering kiss. I went on top of him and asked if he wanted a blowjob. He said yes. I gave the best head I could for as long as I could. After it, he asked me—how cute when he said it! So as not to spoil his fun, I gave him yet another super blowjob.

It took me only three minutes to pop his load on me. Later, he said it was the best birthday gift he had ever received— turned out it was his birthday the next day. Dial m-e for o-r-g-y At our high school reunion, my best friend and I were surprised to see that some guys from older batches still looked hot. Eventually, we found ourselves sharing tables with three of them. Since it was a Saturday night, we all decided to leave the reunion and go out instead. I knew at least one of them was into me because he kept on touching me.

My best friend got so drunk she had to be driven home. I knew something wild was going to happen when one of the cute men dared me to kiss him. I even went as far as kissing all three of them. We ended up in a motel in Sta. That was my first orgy experience and it was so tiring!

I decided to go with him and spend the day in the pool, while he was doing his job. He did not bring his trunks because he did not plan to go swimming, anyway.

But I kept on tempting him to go and swim with me, so with his dark-colored boxers, he tried his luck and dove! We had fun in the pool until about 8PM and decided to drive back home. Knowing that he was not prepared for the swim earlier, I asked if he was wearing any underwear. He just looked at me and smiled. I then realized he was not wearing any underwear! Although he said no, I still slipped my hand inside his pants and felt his thing.

I grabbed it and it started to get hard. It made me so horny and I had to beg him to stop the car and pullover.

That was our first time to do it in the car. From that time on, every time he feels like not wearing any underwear, he lets me know and challenges me to do the same. Last week, I went out with him on a skirt without any panty and him without any underwear. We agreed that we will be doing that on special occasions.

Bus ride to sweet heaven To pass traffic time on the bus, my boyfriend and I exchanged jokes when he accidentally brushed me in a sensual way.

With the touch of his hand, I was immediately turned on. I asked him to work his fingers in me. He started slow, but already I was moaning. As I was having my second orgasm, the conductor approached us and asked where we were headed.



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We went to the library to use the computer to check his email and surf at the same time. There were about 3 to 4 people at that time in the library. Sitting so closely together, we started to get hot with each other. Smelling his manly scent, I was tempted to give him a very deep kiss right there in front of many people.


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