Page 2 High voltage inside. Risk of electric shock. Turn power OFF and unplug power cord from machine before cleaning Do not attempt repairs. Repairs must be made by authorized Cummins Allison personnel.

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Page 2 High voltage inside. Risk of electric shock. Turn power OFF and unplug power cord from machine before cleaning Do not attempt repairs.

Repairs must be made by authorized Cummins Allison personnel. Use grounded plug supplied and properly grounded outlet. Read and understand all instructions before use. Not all functions apply to all machines. For ease of use, the manual is divided into seven sections. The following fields should appear: User Defaults Save User Defaults allows you to save current user settings as the default, or retrieve get previously saved default settings.

This eliminates the need to reconfigure your JetSort in the event of an unexplainable machine memory loss e. JetSort has the capability to configure Box or Bag by denomination. As indicated above, if Box is chosen for Machine Type, all denominations will default to Box. However, the user can select any denomination to bag or box coins as desired. Page 7 Coin Count Sensors allow the user to disengage a sensor by denomination. Page 8 Allows for each label to be set to Off, Automatic or Demand.

Label headers i. Route, Bag, Customer, Operator, Teller, etc. Billcount can be set to Off, Automatic, or Demand. Under Prnt, the user can select Total or All. Page 10 Package Only sets all denominations to rolled coin limits.

Package and Sort allows the user to select by denomination that which is to be placed in rolled coin tubes. Cashtill DayT? The cash till option allows operators to verify the amount of coins in their register tills. If using the cash till option, this feature when turned on defaults the limits to none. Page 11 Printer Type Other Printer Allows the operator to choose between the Citizen high-speed printer dot matrix and the Citizen thermal printer. Factory Default is Other Printer. As an example, the user currently has an old JetSort model , purchases a JetSort and would like to interface the new machine, without having to rewrite the application software.

Page 12 Comm Mode Norm. JetSort data is sent to the computer in the form of a report. Four different modes can be programmed. Page 13 33d. Press the CONT key to space to the left. Ensure the cursor is to the right of the desired setting otherwise entry will not be accepted. Page 15 Operating JetSort Before turning on the power, check to make certain that there is Box or Bag in place for each denomination to be counted.

Turn on the main power switch located at the back of the machine. Page 16 Data can only be corrected while in a Batch Waiting condition. The screen will indicate the media previously entered. A sample screen is shown below. Page 18 Clearing box and bag limits: When a bag or box has reached its stop limit, the JetSort stops and a limit message flashes on the display, showing the denomination for which the limit has been reached.

The JetSort will display day totals for all IDs. Both the printer and JetSort must be initialized to the same baud rate and parity for them to properly work together. Contact your local branch office for proper initialization instructions. JetSort allows you to verify your count or continue with coin processing. If the jam message remains, contact your Local Cummins Allison office. In the case of a sensor jam, the display shows where it detects an obstruction.

Page 22 Inspect sort disk and pad daily for best machine performance. Sort head damage can result from using metallic brush.

Use only soft, non-metallic brush as instructed by a Cummins Allison representative. To prevent damage and to maintain coin-sorting function as designed, do not brush sort pad that rests on lower disk. Page 23 6. Replacement sort pads are available from your Local Cummins Allison branch office. Replace the sort head and secure the latch. Reinstall coin tray and secure in place. Page 24 Sort disk partial removal The sort disk can be partially removed to clean and service the sort disk and to remove coins and debris from the coin pad.

Figure 2 Sort disk top view Sort disk partial removal— Figure 2 Remove lift tray assembly. Lower the sort disk onto the turntable. The locating dimple Figure 3 will only allow the disk to drop to the pad when the dimple is next to the matching projection in the base assembly.

This may affect memory conditions and may result in loss of user defaults. Contact your Local Cummins Allison office for additional information.

PJS error messages: Error: Entry below min! The stop limit entered for a particular coin denomination is lower than the minimum of ten Page 27 Hold for Printer Printer communication error message. JetSort is processing data and waiting to send data to the printer.

Wait for JetSort to finish processing data and then proceed. Comm Link Error Communication error message. Batch Money that is recorded as coming from one general source and processed as an overall group. Batch Key Key that starts a new Batch and starts coin sorter. This manual contains proprietary information of Cummins Allison. It is intended solely for the information and use of parties authorized by Cummins Allison to maintain the equipment described herein.

Such proprietary information may not be used, reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without express written permission of Cummins Allison.


CUMMINS ALLISON JetSort 1000 Series Set Up And Operating Instructions Manual

The JetSort acts as the host to the JetScan or JetCount and can display and print machine totals, depending on how these functions are programmed through setup. Note the following key functions while navigating through the setup screens. With cursor on bottom line, scrolls forward through selection options. In order to connect a JetScan or JetCount, baud rate, stop bits and parity must be set. The exact settings for baud rate, stop bits and parity are irrelevant as long as the JetSort settings match the JetScan or JetCount settings.


CUMMINS ALLISON JetSort Series Setup Instructions

Page 2 1. The chart below is a quick reference to navigating through JetSort setup screens using the keypad. Key Names Page 3 3.

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