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Thule chariot CX 1 User Manual

Your new CTS carrier offers superior quality, safety features, and comfort. Failure to assemble and use this carrier correctly may lead to serious personal injury or death to you or your passengers. Read all instructions before use! Initial assembly takes a few minutes. After that, folding and unfolding can be done in seconds. Stand at the back of the carrier body.


Chariot Carriers cougar 2 Owner's Manual

For that reason it is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the safety instructions in this manual and follow them whenever you use this child carrier. This product is not suitable for skating. Page 9: Unfolding The Carrier 4. Repeat for the back frame on the other side of the carrier. See image 3 With one hand on the upper frame and the other hand on the carrier axle, push the two halves together. Page Installing The Wheels 4. Disengage the parking brake.


Chariot Carriers CX 1 Owner's Manual

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