We want tricks. I say women like diets because they buy the vast majority of diet products. Nothing against salads and quinoa, but what guy wants to eat either? And yes, I have a lot against soy, if you want to lower your testosterone levels , eat soy. Back to salads and quinoa… Your diet should, first and foremost, be simple.

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Men, that is. One that was once thought to only attack us as we age is now being seen in men under 20 years of age! There is a silver lining, though Wanting to test not only my own limits and fears, but also how well this slide was constructed, I took a running start, launched on to me arse, perched my hips in the air so only my upper back and heels were touching the bottom of the slide, and sped off with a smile on my face… A few seconds later, after some dicey turns and some close calls, I was skidding face first on the lava rock that surrounded the pool at the base of the slide.

My belly looked like a peeled raspberry. I was bleeding profusely, yet no amount of pain or blood could wipe the smile off my face. The doctor thought it was a waste of time to give me a blood test because I was only 24 years old, but I insisted. And, sure enough, though I was fit and young, I had low T levels for my age. Needless to say, as a guy, I freaked. What I did know was that TRT is basically glorified steroids. After a few months on TRT you can no longer produce testosterone optimally.

You become dependent on the expensive injections that puff the pockets of your doctor. I went back to the hotel, blood still dripping from my chest, poured some rubbing alcohol on it and continued with the day.

But they do more harm than good. I took that thing times a week. But I digress… I made those 3 changes and a few others. Bloody chest and all, I took my testosterone shake and went to bed. The next day I awoke to a scabbed front. The day after that the scabs were almost completely gone, and by day 3 my whole chest was healed, albeit with some light scarring. You see, testosterone is a tissue-repairing hormone.

I had a lot more energy than normal. I was able to work longer hours, and have more fun… And my ambition was back in full effect. A simple example is zinc… Men need zinc to block aromatase, which is a precursor to estrogen.

Myth 1: Dieting Helps You Burn Fat When you decrease your caloric intake over time, your body is forced to adapt in its desire to create a homeostatic environment and even out your ability to produce, use, and maintain energy. It does this by slowing your metabolism.

This eventually makes you store more body fat, which lowers your testosterone levels, further impeding your desire to burn fat and build muscle. You see, cortisol is a hormone that we need, but most of us have an abundance of cortisol in our system - often the result of over-dieting or stress - and cortisol is a natural enemy of testosterone.

The same, however, is true for muscle building diets, or "bulking protocols". The answer to your problems is not to simply cut calories, though it is a necessity to burn fat. Want to break down the barriers standing between you and your ideal body? Keep reading As I dug deep into researching about how the male body works I was confronted with the fact that, like many other areas of the medical profession, men are left alone.

Consume 3, IU upon rising and before bed. Secret 2 - Take 2 cold showers a day. Your testosterone levels are highest between 4am-6am in the morning.

Taking a cold shower at night before bed will help you sleep, but also help you naturally enhance your testosterone levels. Do the same upon rising to wake up but get your T levels boosted. Have the shower last for 10 minutes both in the morning and at night. And keep it as cold as possible. Secret 3 - Avoid plastics. Avoid carrying your water in plastic bottles and your food in plastic containers. Secret 4 - Take mini-vacations. One of the way to measure testosterone is in relation to cortisol.

Get out in nature, get off the computer, and unplug. Christina Wang of the University of California at Los Angeles, in studying the effects of testosterone treatment on men with testosterone deficiency, found that men expressed feelings of edginess, anger, irritability, and aggression prior to treatment.

After treatment, their anger and agitation decreased, their sense of optimism and friendliness heightened. So you eat and lift and eat and eat, and you gain weight, but do you gain muscle?

I even started a business dedicated to helping men naturally increase their testosterone levels and live up to their potential. I crafted a way to eat and live that MEN could follow. One that would allow us to have fun, dine out, but one that fixed our fat loss and muscle building hormones for good. The results were so good that I knew I had to try this out on other guys, so I began testing it on a few clients Why do you think this is?

I clearly said "screw it", and bucked their advice. This testosterone epidemic, this fall of man, this emasculation needs to be addressed! They looked at how eating more dietary fats can influence levels of SHBG, free testosterone and cholesterol. Why are these stats important? What I continually hear from guys is that they "have a body resistant to building muscle or burning fat.

After fixing my broken hormones I was able to build my ideal body, and as crazy as it sounds, my ideal life. The traveling, the business, the ambition, and LIVING the benefits of optimal testosterone levels cannot be negotiable!

This is why I created the Man Diet Method I was sitting on a solution, one that - heck with the lack of market - I needed to give to other guys so we can end this damn emasculation.

Our environments, the objects that surround us, and the lives we live, create an atmosphere for Low T. But I always thought I was eating healthy.

Until I met Chad. The Man Diet allowed me to stop dieting. It helped me build muscle. And it finally helped me burn fat, and build a body I was proud of. I always carried some body fat, especially around my waist. Buy this diet. Morning and evening routines designed to double your T levels. A list of things to avoid in your environment that are killing your T levels. The Man Diet Method has helped thousands of guys go from scrawny to jacked, fat to ripped, and impotent to a sexual monster Your discount expires when the timer runs out… Act fast!

I want action-takers, which is what you are, but I also want results. I saw a dire need in my own life, and those of my clients, for a structured approach to nutrition that will show men how to naturally enhance testosterone levels.

We need to be able to eat in a way that fits our lifestyles, whether we work the night shift, the day shift, or the night and day shift. So along with the Man Diet, I created the Meal Log, that allows you print out a sheet and plug in what to eat depending on the time of day, and your schedule.


What’s The Best Diet For You?

We should be the best men we can be. And women should be the best women they can be. We only recently connected with the release of his latest book, The Man Diet. He has been on a mission over the past several years of reclaiming what it means to be a man and his goals and objectives are very much in alignment with what we share here in the Order of Man.


173: The Man Diet | Chad Howse




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