Yozshugis Jun 25, Paranormal Affair rated it it was ok. Then fate made them an instant family, bound them as husband and wife in wild town full of danger, where their battle of wills and love was as treacherous as the stormy sea and…as thrilling as the rush for gold. So, why are you still wasting time listening to me? Fate all but hands him two women on a silver platter, so he kidnaps two brides, one to help him with his uncontrollable children, and one for his all-too serious brother. While attending the same ball, they are swept away by a mad Scotsman.

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Joyous MacQuarrie And all that his society friends knew of the mysterious lady was that she was Scottish and that her grandmother had been a Locksley. Bubbling with laughter, filled with spirit, she turned stately Belmore Park upside down with merriment and strange occurrences. She might even have gotten Alec to laugh -- and to cherish her -- if it had not been for the truth she hid. Though he turned to fire when he tasted her petal-soft lips, he turned to ice when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch.

A witch whose powers of white magic were not always perfectly under control Too late, Joy knew she was desperately in love and that nothing could stop the course of their destiny -- the scandal threatening to destroy her and the passion that held them both spellbound in a forbidden, irresistible match of two enchanted hearts. Joy landed herself in more trouble the moment she landed in the carriage with the handsome Lord Alex. I loved the way she changed Alex from a person who ran his life by the clock into a caring, loving man who was often covered in rose petals.

Jill Barnet is an excellent writer who knows how to bring love and laughter to her readers. This is one author whose works go right on my keeper shelf whether they are of a serious content or down right tickle your funnybone. By Jeanine on Jan 08, you know a book is really good when you can pick it up after years of it just lying there and laugh as hard as you did the first time you read it!

I love how barnett described them like "pink leeches. I think it is wonderful how his character develops from cold and unbearable to downright loving, foolish and sentimental.

This is a wonderful story and barnett employs a rhetoric that is uniquely hers. I would consider "bewitching" her best piece of work to date. Jill Barnett creates magical moments! Alec and Joy are a magnificent couple. She loves him, charms him, and makes his life worth living. The rose petals- what a lovely, imaginative touch to the romance scenes! And the ending? Sure it was a little hoaky - but in her introduction, Barnett says that she used to hang her hair out the window like Rapunzel, she married her first true love - would an author like that NOT give you and ending truly worth the words "happily ever after"?

The romance genre is, after all, the ultimate escapism! All these books are worth reading - at least several times!! Saccharine sweet, superficial silliness. By Mah-li on Oct 26, Fantasy Romance with cavity inducing sweetness. If it was possible to form cotton candy into a romance novel, this book would be the outcome. Like cotton candy, the story is cloying, smells funny and leaves a weird taste in your mouth.

The plot and characters could not have been spun any thinner. Joyous is a happy, sweet young witch from Scotland. Skilled magic and reasoned thought are simply beyond her capabilities. She plans to rusticate in England and work on her spells and incantations. Alex is a Duke from England. Warm emotions like love and compassion are beyond his capabilities. He has just been jilted and plans to marry the next Lady he meets.

Unfortunately for the reader, they meet each other and marry. Joyous confesses to being a witch. This is slightly amusing in a Three Stooges sort of way. In response to her continued witchcraft efforts, Alex becomes more dictatorial. Joyous becomes more cute and clueless. And the Reader becomes more irritated and bored. Unless you have an amazingly high tolerance for pain, I would not recommend this exercise in spun sugar witchery.

Admittedly in the beginning, and even in the middle, I wanted to strangle Alec. The character of Joy is one of spirit, perseverance and humor. The ending I could read over and over again.

This definitely is a keeper, I look forward to reading many more books from Jill Barnett Absolutely Enchanting!!! She takes the time to notice all the ordinary magic of life surrounding her.

This fairy tale love story is beautifully crafted and full of Ms. I absolutely loved the characters of Joy and her wheezing sidekick weasel, Beelzebub. Once started, this book is difficult to put down. This is the prequel to Dreaming, one of my top 10 favorite romance novels of all time!

All of it is wonderful, but Bewitching is one of her best. She can make any situation funny and usually does. At a time in my life when I really needed some laughter, this book was recommended to me and it lifted my spirits more than I can say. You can pick up any Jill Barnett book and absolutely love it - but I think this is the best of the lot! This is a story of a bumbling witch and an English Duke.

She fell into his arms and he fell into her heart. When Alec finds out his beauty is a witch all hell breaks loose! Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie was the type of heroine that you just root for. You want her to win, you want her to have everything she ever dreamt of Beauty is only part of her charm, actually you forget what she looks like most of the time because of her bumbling and fumbling! When she tries to cast a spell, watch out!

Alec Castlemaine, Duke of Belmore. He is the perfect Duke. He is gorgeous, he has class and he never ever smiles - until a certain beauty storms into his life actually falls into it! Control-freak is the only way to describe Alec and unfortunately for him Joy is uncontrollable! Watch him transform from the stern and noble Duke to the sweet and gentle husband!

I would have to say that he is one of my very favorite dukes. The rose petals when they make love is a beautiful touch. Richard and Neil are the perfect friends for Alec and great secondary characters and Stephen is wonderful! Whisper-light fairy tale of a witch in love.

This Romance is either a minor homage to the TV Show, "Bewitched", or a banal parable of how we need to keep Joy and Magic in our lives. The two protagonists are painfully one dimensional. The good witch heroine, Joyous, is Blissful and Gay. The Duke, Alec, is Reason and Determination. Basically, they are extreme emotional types, not flesh and blood people. Her misstated incantations, dangerous finger snapping and treacherous sneezes result in uncontrolled magic and mayhem.

This slapstick silliness, initially amusing, gets old real fast. The hero, Alec, dour Duke of Belmore, has an untouched heart. In all of his dealings he is controlled, proud, predictable and dignified. So when he is jilted by his betrothed he immediately marries the next unknown woman he meets; Joy. On their wedding night she tells him that she is a witch. He has one caveat, no more witchcraft for Joy. Happy, happy, joy, Joy is OK with that, she is convinced that Alec will change and eventually embrace Joy, love and magic.

Can unemotional, ice-cold Alec accept Joy, love and magic into his sterile, frozen heart? Will he learn the true value of Joy, love and magic before it is too late? This story had the depth of a greeting card. Personally, witless Joy bored me senseless. Uptight, negative Alec was totally resistible. The story was pages too long and incapable of holding my interest. Bewitching, no. Benumbing, yes. Not recommended. This book has everything! It really has everything: historical romance, comedy, magic, and emotion.

I was surprised by the depth of some of the moments. I think the author is very descripitive and I had a good picture in my mind of what Joy and Alec looked like along with the settings and minor characters.

This is definitely going at the top of my list of favorites. Full of fun and wit.



Shelves: reviewed-in Reviewed by Heather Bewitching by Jill Barnett is not a hot new book just out on the best sellers list. As a matter of fact, it was first published back in But when someone sent it to me and told me I had to read it, I trusted them completely. I am so glad I did because this book was amazing. Joyous Joy MacQuarrie is a young witch who has problems with her abilities. She often finds herself having to clean up quite the mess.


Bewitching by Jill Barnett





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