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Shelves: i-liked-it-it-was-good To the Reader This is both my chance to catch up, and learn some more about the world of the Spook stories before diving into the next Tom Ward book.

I just finished "I Am Grimalkin" and it was alright. It could have been better. I do feel like this series has become a bit stretched, but I do love the world so that I only mind a little.

There are still flashes of the brilliance that brought me into this series so The other between-the-numbers books in this series always gave us a glimpse of what was to come as well as summarizing the past.

In fact, I got confused once, because I thought Tom HAD encountered a kind of creature he had not, because there was a short story about young Gregory coming up against one The Dark This was kinda the five commandments of Spookdom, haha. Gregory is so serious. The footnote about Andy was hilarious. I could use some cheese now. We get short stories between the descriptions of the beasties and how to deal with them.

There was some review, and some new stories. They were all fairly entertaining and enlightening. I especially liked the tale on how Gregory got the cat boggart to guard over Chipenden. If only there could be another The Old Gods This too was enlightening.

I wonder if that means we might. I might love seeing Zeus in this universe. That would be interesting. Maybe I shall, someday. Witches Sooooo much awesome material on the witches. I loved the footnotes that brought experiences to the pages of the bestiary. It makes it more authentic. This is such a fun little read. It really is like peering into one of the dusty old tomes that used to sit on a shelf at Chipenden There was more than one nod to things to come in the next books as well.

Certain things seemed like they were being highlighted. Lure of the Damned here I come!


Bestiariusz Stracharza

Widok w zabior ze so-bdogrobu. Istnieje kilka r-nych rodzajw owych duchw niektre jedynie dra-ni, inne mog wyrzdzi powane szkody w obejciu bd ludziom, a w niektrych przypadkach nawet za-da mier. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Tamtegobo-ginakontrolowaawiedma, ktragromadziakocikciukw do wasnych rytuaw besgiariusz. Kroniki Wardstone Bestiariusz stracharza: Joseph Delaney: : Books Jeli kadc si do ka, poza-mykae dokad-nie drzwi i okna, lecz w nocy obu-dziy ci trzaski, grzechoty bd gone dwiki, to zapewne dzielisz dom ze stukaczem. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Mj ojciec porzuci matk i uciek z inn kobiet; dopiero wiele stracharzx p-niej dowiedziaem si, e on take by sidmym synem.


Bestiariusz stracharza


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