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For combinations of servo motors and servo amplifier e, see Sections 3. F Close the amplifier cover after completing the wiring. Recommended noise filters are given in 12 of Section 2. The module uses resistance regeneration that allows energy to be consumed by resistance during motor deceleration regeneration.

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Motors are heavy. If a base or frame on which a motor is mounted re is not strong enough, it is impossible to achieve the required precision. Be sure to connect motor cables correctly.

An incorrect connection of a cable cause abnormal heat cs generation, equipment malfunction, or failure. Always use a cable with an appropriate current carrying capacity or thickness. For how to connect cables to motors, refer to their respective. If a motor that requires forcible cooling is not cooled normally, it may cause a failure or trouble. For a fan-cooled motor, ensure that w it is not clogged or blocked with dust and dirt. For a liquid-cooled motor, ensure that the amount of the liquid is appropriate and that the liquid piping is not clogged.

If there is a large imbalance, the motor may vibrates abnormally, resulting in the motor being broken. If a motor with a keyed shaft runs with no key attached, it may impair torque transmission or cause imbalance, resulting in the motor being broken. Do om not put a motor on another unless they are in packages. In addition, keep a motor in such a position that its shaft is held horizontal and its terminal box is at the top. If the nameplate is lost, the motor becomes unidentifiable, resulting in maintenance becoming impossible.

For a nameplate for a built-in spindle motor, keep the nameplate with the spindle. If a motor is subjected to shocks or is scratched, its components may be adversely affected, resulting in normal operation being impaired. Be very careful when handling plastic portions, sensors, w and windings, because they are very liable to break.

Especially, avoid lifting a motor by pulling its plastic portion, winding, or w - Do not conduct dielectric strength or insulation test for a w Such a test can damage elements in the detector. Disassembling a motor may cause a failure or trouble in it. If disassembly is in need because of maintenance or repair, please contact a service representative of FANUC. Modifying a motor may cause a failure or trouble in it.

Using a motor in an adverse environment may cause a failure or trouble in it. Applying a commercial power source voltage directly to a motor s. Be sure to use a specified amplifier for supplying voltage to the motor. When making a conduit hole, be careful not to break or damage unspecified portions.


Fanuc Alpha Series AC Servo Motor Maintenance Manual 65165E





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