Trama[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Nel 50 a. Asterix, un guerriero del villaggio degli irriducibili Galli, si trova caccia di cinghiali, ma incrocia sul suo cammino quattro legionari armati di Petibonum che, da solo, riempie di botte. A Petibonum, il centurione romano Caius Bonus e il suo secondo Marcus Sacapus, per scoprire il segreto della forza sovrumana dei loro avversari, decidono di inviare una spia nel villaggio: il legionario Caligula Minus viene prima truccato parrucca e baffi finti e vestito da gallo, e poi incatenato e affidato a una pattuglia, che si inoltra nella foresta con la speranza di venire attaccata dai galli. La speranza si concretizza in Asterix e Obelix, che sconfiggono la pattuglia e conducono Caligula Minus, alias Caliguliminix, al loro villaggio, dove la spia vede il fabbro forgiare i metalli a mani nude, Obelix sollevare menhir senza fatica e Asterix tirare un carro pieno di tronchi senza sforzo.

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Development[ edit ] Because this is the first album, many story points and characterisations are still in their formative stages. In fact, due to its original, serial nature, some develop and change even as the story progresses: The Roman second-in-command changes abruptly a few pages into the story. Getafix begins the story living in a cave in the forest and looking much like a stereotypical caveman.

He also uses a walking stick. Obelix is seen carrying an axe in his first appearance. It is never seen again. He is satisfied with helping Asterix eat just one boar between them. He is also seen carrying much larger amounts of rock then in later issues. Asterix and other villagers appear to be using the potion constantly, yet seeing the potion being made is viewed as an event. Fulliautomatix is seen working metal with his bare hands. He also bears no resemblance to his later appearances.

Cacofonix the bard plays and calls a dance, and at the end is seated at the table at the feast. Later albums established a running gag where he is never allowed to sing except in Asterix and the Normans , The Mansions of the Gods and Asterix and the Magic Carpet , and is tied up and gagged at feasts to prevent this.

When he is first introduced in the prologue, Caesar has a completely different look than he has in the rest of the series, including at the end of this album. Publishing history[ edit ] The story was first published as a serial in Pilote magazine, a Franco-Belgian comics magazine founded by Goscinny and a few other comic artists. A small head of Asterix first appeared on the cover of 9 24 December , and a full Asterix cover was used on 21 17 March The next story, Asterix and the Golden Sickle , started in issue 42 11 August Asterix le Gaulois was published in July by Dargaud in the so-called "Pilote collection" with a print of copies.

A Dutch translation followed in , and other languages followed soon after. This is why there are some slight differences in the drawing style.

The release from Orion Books uses the redone illustrations from the French editions. On 29 October , Google prominently featured an integration of Asterix and Obelix in its mast head, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first publication. British comic adaption[ edit ] Valiant comics saved 59 16 November carried a British version of Asterix with just the names changed which ran for a time, on the back page so it was in colour.

Film adaptation[ edit ] The book was adapted into a film , which was released in Goscinny and Uderzo were not consulted during the making of the film, and the first they heard of it was a few months before it was released, when they were shown an early version of it.

It was generally not well received, and a planned adaptation of Asterix and the Golden Sickle , made by the same animation team, was scrapped. In other languages[ edit ].

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