It has a really sleek look that would look great on any stage. Once we pulled it all together we liked the way the kit was laid out. Everything was really intuitive to use which of course makes things so much easier when you are transitioning from acoustic to this kit. The box came full of goodies.

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Page 6: Getting Started Since the initial release of this module, we may have released new firmware or sound ROM files. If you change the Sequence, this will change your current Kit to the one that is associated with that Sequence.

This includes Kits you edit or record, Sequences you edit or record, Instrument or Kit parameters, and more. Furthermore, while there are several slots for User Kits and Sequences, you can also save over the Presets the first Kits or the first 75 Sequences. This can be useful when programming the DM10 if it is not connected to your drum kit, if it is not convenient to strike the pads, etc.

The screen will show: the number of the Kit whose Accompaniment you will be editing the Layer the Accompaniment consists of two layers, each with its own Instrument the Category the type or "class" The DM10 has voice polyphony, meaning up to 64 voices can sound at the same time.

After exceeding that limit, Voices or Accompaniment with lower polyphony priority may be silenced so the ones with higher priority can sound. The top of the screen will show the number and name of the Kit whose Instruments drum voices you will be editing.

To disable effects on the Kit, select "OFF. Mono Flanger: Traditional flanging effect. Page 18 DELAYS: A delay effect is a kind of echo, which varies depending on the size of the room it emulates and the rate, volume, and decay of the echo.

Page 19 XOver Delay: This delay has a stereo effect. The echo pans around the stereo field. This can be set differently for the left and right channels to create an even wider, more varied sound. You will need to set this properly when using the DM10 module to play sounds on another module. Ext Prog : The Program Change number the module will send out Press the REC tab F1.


Alesis DM10 STUDIO KIT Quick Manual

Support More drums, more sounds, and more stability. This new drum sound module contains true drum, cymbal and percussion sounds, built from real samples of classic studio drums and prized cymbals. Discerning ears will notice that each sound is actually a series of different samples; multiple dynamic-level samples and articulations are all built in so as you play harder and softer, the drum or cymbal changes its timbre, not just its volume. You can play with or without reverb for different room sounds and enjoy a wide variety of rimshots, rim clicks and different stick-placement sounds on the cymbals. This means that your sounds will always stay fresh, current and cutting edge. The DM10 module has 12 trigger inputs, perfect for creating custom configurations. The dual-zone pads feature real mylar drumheads and real triple-flanged counterhoops for the feel you demand.


DM10 Studio Mesh Kit

These ultra-quiet mesh drum heads come closer to duplicating the feel of an acoustic drum head and their natural rebound better than any previous Alesis electronic drum kit. The Alesis mesh drum heads have a precise adjustment knob so drummers can adjust the heads to provide the exact response that best suits their playing style. Players will immediately notice the improved feel, response, and reduction in acoustic noise, making the surprisingly affordable DM10 Studio Mesh Kit ideal for quiet late-night practice sessions, as well as live performance and studio recording. Each sound on the DM10 sound module is actually a series of different samples; multiple dynamic-level samples and articulations are all built in so as you play harder and softer, the drum or cymbal changes its timbre, not just its volume. Meticulously calibrated for out-of-the-box playing, the DM10 module includes over 1, dynamic-level drum and percussion samples that fit any genre. Features Tightly woven black mesh drum heads enhance feel and playing response Six-piece kit with four 8"


Alesis DM10 Operator's Manual

Nota: Use la llave X para aflojar o apretar los pernos de las abrazaderas cuando arme el kit o haga ajustes. Fije las dos barras centrales curvadas C y D a las dos patas centrales del bastidor A y B. Use la llave X para aflojar y apretar los pernos de las abrazaderas. Fije los tres brazos curvados restantes F, G y H a las dos patas centrales del bastidor. El brazo con las dos abrazaderas G debe quedar a la derecha. Prepare los brazos giratorios ajustables de los platillos I aflojando la tuerca mariposa del brazo y retirando el brazo moleteado. Inserte los brazos de los platillos en las abrazaderas apropiadas aflojando las tuercas mariposas de las mimas, colocando los brazos y apretando nuevamente dichas tuercas.


DM10 Studio Kit


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