We recommend that you protect your networks from the most brutal environments and devastating ESD attacks with industrial-grade shielded Ethernet cable from Ubiquiti Networks. The default values are shown below: LED will light green when the wireless signal strength is above dBm. LED will light green when the wireless signal strength is above dBm. Attach the L-Bracket to the Grid Reflector by sliding the tabs into the slots. Page 6 3.

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Spectrum Analyzer by Ubiquiti Networks signatures and plan your networks to minimize noise interference. In airView, there are three spectral views, each of which represents different data. Waterfall Aggregate energy collected for each frequency Waveform Aggregate energy collected Ambient Noise Level Background noise energy shown as a function of frequency Available with a firmware upgrade to airOS v7. Waterfall Chart This time-based graph shows the aggregate energy collected since the start of an AirView session, over time for each frequency.

The power of the energy in dBm is shown across the frequency span and one row is inserted in this graph every few seconds. It is important to note that the color of the energy designates its amplitude.

The darker colors Blues and darker shades mean very low to low energy levels at that frequency bin, whereas increasingly brighter colors ie: Green, Yellow, Orange, and finally Red designate increasingly higher energy levels at the specific frequency bin.

The low end of that legend left is always adjusted with the calculated noise floor, and the high end right is set to the highest detected power level since the start of the session. Channel Usage Chart This graph is ideal for determining the best channel to setup a WiFi network for optimal performance.

In the graph, each 2. This percentage is calculated by analyzing both the popularity and the strength of RF energy in that channel since the start of a AirView session. Waveform Chart This graph shows the aggregate energy collected since the start of an AirView Session. The power of the energy in dBm is shown across the frequency span. The spectral view over time will essentially display the steady-state RF energy signature of a given environment. Real-time Chart This graph displays a traditional Spectrum Analyzer in which energy in dBm is shown real-time as a function of frequency.

There are three traces in this view: Max Hold, this trace will update and hold maximum power levels across the frequency since the start of an AirView session. Average, this trace shows the running average energy across frequency. Real-time, this trace shows the real-time energy seen by the AirView device as a function of frequency. Centrally Manage s of Ubiquiti Devices AirControl is a powerful and intuitive web based server network management application which allows operators to centrally manage entire networks of Ubiqutii devices.

Export to KML. Monitor Device Status - View status, information, and statistics of devices managed by AirControl on customizable and easy-to-read graphs. Mass Firmware Upgrade - Upgrade individual devices or groups of devices with synchronization for wireless association dependency.

Manage Groups of Devices - User-defined, dynamic, and auto device groups provide easy navigation and device management.

Task Scheduling - Schedule tasks such as firmware update, reboot, IP range scan, device configuration backups, ping watchdog and custom commands execution.

To sign up for the public beta, visit: aircrm. Enjoy quicker deployments, healthier networks, and faster customer service response times. Use airCRM Control to perform the following tasks: Upgrade firmware Monitor and analyze network traffic Manage devices A streamlined billing and customer management solution delivers automated invoicing, payment reminders, and credit card processing with Authorize.


Ubiquiti airGrid M5 HP AG-HP-5G23 Quick Start Manual

It is just a test not full implementation of this kit for home automation. In this Experiment we are going to connect Starter Kit at home to the Modem Internet at workplace with the help of two AirGrid modules which create a Wireless Lan link between Home and office. If this experiment is successful we know that we can replace the modem with our PC at workplace to give control commands over Wireless link to Starter Kit for Home automation or smart home like features. Tasks to perform: 1. This is done by configuring one of the AirGrid module to work as a Station and the other one as Access Point.







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