My opinion, that is. I have only my own reasons for this. One of them would be simply that it was my edition. It was the edition I learned to play and given its lifespan it was the edition I have played the most. I knew it and knew it well. It had enough options to allow me to create scores of characters that were all unique and yet playable.

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Not the most ever sold by TSR, but a lot. But it hides a deeper problem. This was posted on Facebook and shared with permission.

Combined sales of the 1st edition DMG and PHB actually went up at first, selling over , in , over , in , over , in , and , in before finally sliding to just over , in , at the time when TSR began its first crisis. TSR could no longer put up the sales numbers it once did. What had changed? Something changed, but what was it? Was it that Gary Gygax was gone?

Had something gone wrong with 2nd edition? Was it too complex? Not complex enough? Had RPGs been a fad that faded? These numbers should have been an occasion for self-reflection and correction all over TSR. These numbers were left in the offices of upper management. Zeb Cook himself said he never saw any concrete sales numbers for 2nd edition. The decision by management under Lorraine Williams to keep sales numbers like those above restricted to the top of the company must be seen as a mistake.

The inability of the game designers to know how their product was selling cut them off from economic feedback on their product. Although I myself am quite partial to the rules, as they are what I grew up playing. Benjamin went on to note his source: "I have a source who sent me a few pages of sales data from TSR.


PHB Ch13 Vision and Light

Limits of Vision Edit The first limitation on vision is how far away an object can be before it cannot be seen clearly. Size and weather have a great effect on this. Mountains can be seen from great distances, 60 to miles or more, yet virtually no detail can be seen. On level ground, the horizon is about five to 12 miles away, but a character usually cannot see a specific object that far away. The limit of vision for seeing and identifying man-sized objects is much less than this. Under optimum conditions, the maximum range at which a man-sized object can be seen is about 1, yards, if it is moving. Even if it is moving, all that can be seen is a moving object.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Transmuter Spell preparation and casting[ edit ] Wizards cast their spells by using their acquired magical knowledge augmented by their Intelligence score and experience. In particular, they learn most new spells by seeking out magical writings and copying them into their spellbooks, a method that allows them unlike sorcerers to master any number of permissible spells once they find them, assembling a broad and versatile arsenal of power. Many wizards see themselves not only as spell casters but also as philosophers , inventors , and scientists , studying a system of natural laws that are for the most part unknown and undiscovered. Resting: Wizards need to rest prior to spell casting.

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