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It is not the intention of the ACI specification to limit floor finish measurement technology to that currently available. As new technology is developed, improved, and perfected, specifiers may consider utilizing alternate techniques for specifying and measuring floor finish tolerances. Random sampling and statistical analysis is particularly appropriate for high-performance floors or portions of floors where irregularities must be rigidly controlled. The specifying of narrow aisle warehouse floors with defined traffic lanes requires specialized techniques not addressed in this specification. Floor profile quality has traditionally been specified by limiting the size of the gap to be observed under a freestanding or leveled 10 ft long straightedge. However, recent improvements in floor profile measurement technology have surpassed all variations of this gap-underthe-straightedge format.

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Phelan B. Pointer Dean E. Stephan, Jr. Togni Joe V. Williams, Jr. This specification provides standard tolerances for concrete con- struction. This document is intended to be used as the reference doc- ument for establishing tolerances for concrete construction by speci- fication writers and ACI committees writing Standards. Keywords: bending reinforcing steels ; building codes; concrete construction; concrete piles; concretes; floors; formwork construction ; masonry; mass con- crete; piers; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; reinforcing steels; specifi- cations; splicing; standards; tolerances mechanics.

This foreword is included for explanatory pur- poses only; it is not a part of Standard Specification This standard is not intended to apply to special structures not cited in the standard such as nuclear re- actors and containment vessels, bins and silos, and pre- stressed circular structures.

It is also not intended to apply to the specialized construction procedure of shotcrete. Standard Specification addresses each of the Three-Part Section Format of the Construction Speci- fications Institute, organized by structural elements, structural components and types of structures; the numbering system reflects this organization. The lan- guage is imperative and terse to preclude an alterna- tive.

A Specification Checklist is included as a preface to, but not forming a part of, Standard Specification Standard Specification is intended to be used in its entirety by reference in the Project Specification.

Individual sections, articles, or paragraphs should not be copied into the Project Specifications since taking them out of context may change their meaning. Building codes establish minimum requirements necessary to protect the public. Some of the require- ments in this Standard Specification may be more stringent than the minimum in order to insure the level of quality and performance that the Owner expects the structure to provide.

These mandatory requirements should designate the specific qualities, procedures, materials, and per- formance criteria for which alternatives are permitted or for which provisions were not made in the Standard Specification. Exceptions to the Standard Specification should be made in the Project Specifications, if re- quired. All rights reserved, includ- ing the making of copies unless permission is obtained from the copyright pro- prietors.


ACI-117 R-90-Standard Specifications

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