Just came across that : "A pimp is really a whore who has reversed the game on whores. They have realized that "chicks dig jerks", so they try to be one. A lot of bullshit advice out there tell guys to think "what would an asshole do? And they fail. And keep failing as women see right through their facade.

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In an idyllic world, this book would not exist. Who you are would take precedence over what you are superficially. People would place importance in being themselves with one another. Men and women would act with as much respect towards each other as they have for themselves.

Everyone I meet, I judge by their own actions and words. I treat people appropriately. I treat a true friend accordingly. I treat a hoe accordingly. And I can tell a hoe faster than I can boil an egg. Without hoes there cannot be Pimps. Just a thought. This book is simply a glimpse into part of written it with two aims in mind.

It is as own studies of human behaviour, psychology it is a bible to someone who would want to practically. So what some will acclaim to be the virtue of this book makes it less accessible to many.

The descent will be strange and uncomfortable to those who have never dived before, but fascinating to those with a little "Jacques Cousteau" in their blood.

But this book is for those who, like I, feel what we refer to as "The Force" flowing strong within them. Explain the game? Reversing game on hoes. Only doing it many, many times more powerfully. The word Pimp is thrown about in mainstream society, usually with little or no reference to its true meaning.

Misused as a boast for someone who has sexual relationships with numerous women, liars, con men, woman beaters, men of exceptional sexual prowess and low-down street scum. Or distorted by one- dimensional jokers with classic retro imagery of Cadillacs, fur coats and other wild paraphernalia. Pimps are also subject to unobjective coverage, negative stereotyping and misconceptions perpetuated through the media of film, news and music.

Let me put it to you like this: If this coverage was applied universally, we would be told that all schoolteachers were child molesters and that the police were all corrupt, racist, drug-dealing Freemasons! Substantial, real, contemporary information relating to the subject, if it does exist, is scarce. And that is exactly what you now hold in your hands.

Pimps can be found in cities all over the globe. Their means to their ends as individual as their personalities. A Pimp defined in a physical sense is someone who, regardless of their sex, race, age or method, receives money from a prostitute, a hoe.

I am referring to a skilled individual who possesses and executes knowledge on hoes, which results in desired Behaviour and financial gain. An effective manager. A master of counter manipulation. It applies to most human interaction. The same game, applied in a legitimate context in my contemporary, everyday, mainstream society surroundings.

I get the benefits of a Pimp mentality without the drawbacks of breaking the law. The best of each world. Financial gains range from evenings out, holidays, favours or material gifts, to actual cash. Other benefits include dealing with numerous women at the same time, and living my life as I please. But the key is to control her mind. I will lay down my fundamental principles, concepts, and the psychological reasoning behind them.

Because of this, you will have insight into my thoughts and paradigms and see how they are concrete, backing up my actions.

You will understand the Power and control that I possess over my hoes. Most importantly, you will be able to tailor this knowledge to your own requirements, build on it and innovate. Every artist uses their own unique methods and styles to obtain their required result. Pimping is a living art form. I am still learning and innovating. A true Pimp never stops. Everything you are going to read is only my opinion. The strongest opinion is one that is always open to question.

A "Real Man" or woman follows his or her own conscience. I welcome debate, feedback, contribution to, and the questioning of all information herein. I want you to think about this shit! So the book as a whole must be read in order for each of its units to be fully understood. Its simple outer results belie its intricate inner mechanics of innumerable wheels within wheels. What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and loose his soul?

Mark Although Pimping results in shallow material gains, a master Pimp requires a deep understanding of the world and himself.

He is at one with the tragic, yet beautiful "Laws Of Reality. He follows his own conscience and stays true to himself and other deserving people.

He has strong principles, self-discipline and confidence. He knows what he desires. All of these virtues render him eminently desirable. They are as crucial as the foundations to the Petronas Towers. This will help you understand my writings better. There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. What does that word conjure up in your mind? Chilling, fabulously unstressed, grinning like a Cheshire cat on Egyptian cotton on the terrace of a villa your women friends have bought you?

Enjoying the sunrays soaking into the Hawaiian Tropic a Coca- Cola mamacita has massaged all over you with equal enthusiasm as she has for using her chequebook on you? Living each and every day of my life as close to my vision of paradise as possible.

Moving to make tomorrow come even closer to it. For Instance, I have a forty- minute journey to work each day. I use them to my benefit. Secondary to that, I externally surround myself with the best company and environments. Lastly, and least importantly, I surround myself with the best material items. This ethos encompasses every aspect of my life. I never have and never will compromise on anything from hoes, to clothes, to toilet rolls.

My ultimate paradise will be when I have the financial freedom to use my time as I wish, to pursue my interests, socialise, have fun, travel, not to sell it to an employer. To have my money work for me - not me for it. Inner qualities are unique and priceless. Whereas hoes are only as precious as the money that they bring. And money has Its value stamped on It. This Is the only justification I have besides minimal social reasons, since true friends are scarce to allow hoes to deal with me.

This philosophy, like the quote heading this chapter. Is the definitive distinction between a hoe and I. My soul Is not for sale. As soon as you look for genuine love, friendship or trust in a hoe, you are loosing touch with reality. I cry at the movies! Remember: to hoes everyone is either a trick or a treat a Pimp!

Therefore I have no hesitation putting my desires first and last when dealing with a hoe. This management, this selfishness takes principles and confidence. It must be enforced. They are accustomed to spineless symps. I stand out. What can be more desirable than a man who deals with more than one woman, is honest with them, and they still deal with him?

The Kidd A fool and his words are soon parted. Staying true to myself also includes the fact that I am honest, sincere and keep my word with people. I have come across many people not worth knowing, but never come across anyone "worth" lying to. This is how I have always been. It was something I always related with and admired about Pimps. People who are false pay the ultimate penalty.


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