Gushicage It will not break things down into subspecialty very well. Although a few specialties have experienced significant compensation increases in recent years, most are seeing gains roughly mirroring the inflation rate, and a few are seeing flat compensation. July 9, at Feel free to compare mgma salary contrast the information presented by salarh different company. Increasingly, few orthopedic surgeons are truly generalists, except perhaps in smaller urban regions and rural areas, and the highly specialized surgeons tend to earn far more than their generalist counterparts.

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There are many resources online that report average physician salaries, and many of them offer very different results. However, it can be a bit tedious to go through all the work of visiting each website to compare results. So, I have done all the work for you. In this article I will present the physician salary by specialty data from all the reliable and relevant online physician salary databases. Feel free to compare and contrast the information presented by each different company.

Medscape Physician Compensation Report In my opinion, the Medscape average physician salary report is the most reliable data on the internet. See my article about the Medscape report to learn about all the great information they report in their results. One of the greatest tools it provides is a list of salary information for each specialty. Careers in Medicine separates the compensation information using two very important distinctions: academic vs.

Below, I have compiled a table of the salaries reported for each specialty. However, you should know that it has not been updated since , so the information is likely a bit off now but the trends are still the same.

From alliedphysicians. Their physician salary survey is up-to-date and updated frequently. They freely publish their salary information in order to advertise the many physician job openings they have available.

Physician Specialty.


The Ultimate Guide to Physician Salaries

Musho But despite the mounting challenges, Swan, the vice president of operations at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics, says a strategic approach to staffing can provide a better outlook for your practice. Physicians Practice Staff Salary Survey Hospitals, in particular, have emerged as more active players in the health care marketplace by putting together accountable care organizations and integrated health care systems, which require the services of primary care physicians, said Kenneth Hertz, a principal the MGMA Health Care Consulting Group. Swan is on to something. Such large increases reflect the growing shortage of primary care physicians, as well as an increased demand for these physicians. That means implementing changes that allow your practice to operate salay its highest level of productivity at the lowest cost. Dentists now get paid more per hour than doctors — The Advisory Board Daily Briefing Hertz, like other analysts, expects the demand szlary ensuing competition for primary care physicians to become even greater as the health care reform law extends coverage to millions more people during the next few years. Ghostery Click the Ghostery icon on your browser.




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