Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. What feats would you dare to accomplish and where would you go? Just imagine your life, lived without limits. In order to reach an intended destination, you have to know your intended destination. Affirmations—clear, definitive statements declaring something is so—solidify your ideas of where you want to go or how you want to change. Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancement and achievement.

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Close Entrepreneur or Victim? Strong men believe in cause and effect. Events in your business are the reflection of your thoughts, the echo of your own actions and the thinking behind them.

The core of this principle is this—You are at cause in your life and your business. Embracing this principle means you no longer have the luxury of blaming other people or external circumstances for the things that happen in your life. Here is the flip side of that equation: Embracing this principle also means you have far more capacity to create the events and circumstances in your life than you have ever imagined possible.

Rather than seeing that we are making things happen, we start to believe that things are simply happening to us. This easily leads to what is often called victim mentality. If you are someone who is growing a massively successful business, there is no place for victim mentality in your life.

The two states of mind—victim thinking and entrepreneurship—are percent incompatible. The word entrepreneur derives from the French word that refers to the source of the event, the one who initiates. Building and growing a successful business requires a commitment to being at cause, not at effect. There are many things you need to know to successfully play the game of business. A great many of them you can learn as you go, and a great many skills and fields of expertise you can bring into your business by hiring or partnering with people who possess them.

But there is one skill you must have yourself, and it is a single most important skill of any successful businessperson, the one without which success is impossible: You must be practiced at creating the thoughts that will serve your business. If you want to create financial freedom for yourself, five key elements have to be in place.

The Five Musts are: You must find something that stirs your soul. You must become excellent at it. You must recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it. You must understand how to make money at it. You must take daily action. Find more ways to live the life of your dreams as an entrepreneur at The Answer for you: The right thoughts, held clearly and resolutely, can build your dream business.

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Long ago I read about a study on goal setting. This study revealed that the number one reason most people do NOT write down their goals is for fear of not achieving them. But this is your life—your ship—and if you want to get to your destination, you must sail on. Great captains learn to chart their course and prepare as best as they can for the storms. They learn to use the wind to fill their sails, not destroy them.


Entrepreneur or Victim?



Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams



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