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Your recognised global partner for sliding bearing applications. Working together to create solutions for the most demanding bearing applications. GBT is equipped with the latest software that includes solid 3D modelling, finite element analysis, and in house wear test laboratory that… Read More Hydraulics Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders are an essential part of the continuously growing mechanical industry. At GBT we are specialized in manufacturing the right materials to meet the specific needs of this industry with a highly vigorous application demand.

Our clients are global manufacturers of the most important mechanism of these hydraulic pumps… Read More Industrials The fast growing manufacturing industry is continuously seeking to improve its efficiency and profits by decreasing maintenance cost in terms of machineries and equipment. Breakdown of components or a complete standstill of a machine could result in production backlogs and losses. Industrial applications are very complex, needing to be developed with… Read More Agriculture Sliding bearings manufactured by GBT can be found in various components of tractors such as the engines, axels, transmission, hinges and pedals.

At Global Bearing Technologies we design bearings which can work perfectly and effectively under heavy muddy working conditions and when needing to deal with heavy loads. These sliding bearing materials also include pre lubricating bushings and plastic polymer composite bushings. Our sliding… Read More Renewable Energy Sunlight, wind and water are some of the energy resources that have been leading in the whole world to a revolutionary development in the field of renewable energy, resulting in governments taking bigger steps to outline new strategies and making huge investments in solutions to produce more energy through renewable resources, in order to meet the fast….

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Bad Rappenau — Bonfeld. Metal-polymer bearings consist of an outer metal backing with a porous bronze inner structure that is coated with a polymer-resin lining. Metal-polymer bearings are made in two varieties: Just as impressively, all of these applications are served by just two types of plain bearings: To ensure they fit a variety of applications, FRC bearings use two different forms of liners: A fiber liner offers high abrasion resistance and improved ability to handle shocks and misalignment. Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements WZ DE Airbus Defence and Space You gg also like: For wound liner products, this is done by gggb winding machine that is continuously fed strings of high-strength fibers encapsulated in an internally lubricated epoxy resin. Please fill in your login and password Login. Tech Briefs Medical Design Briefs. After impregnation, the strip is finished and coiled for later shaping into bearing products.





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