We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our own evils and our own bad deeds. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem! He will forgive your sins and repair your deeds.

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May- Yahdillahu fa huwal muhtad, wa may- yudlill falan tajidaa lahu waliyan murshida. We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our own evils and our own bad deeds. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem! He will forgive your sins and repair your deeds. And whoever takes Allah and His Prophet as a guide, has already achieved a mighty victory.

Allahu Akbar wa lil-Laahil hamd! There is no god but Allah! Allah is Greatest! All praise is due to Allah! We fasted to show our love and obedience to Allah, to get closer to Him. We fasted not just with our stomachs, but also with our ears, our eyes, our tongue and heart.

We avoided everything that would displease Allah. We fasted so that Allah would count us amongst His obedient, beloved servants. Fasting has trained us and disciplined us. Now that Ramadan is over we should have cultivated a heightened sense of taqwa, [a cautious, awe-inspired awareness of Allah]. We have to try hard to prolong this blissful state of nearness to Allah. No one in his or her right mind would want to lose this wonderful state of being. Sadness, that Ramadan, our beloved friend, the purifier of souls, the much anticipated annual visitor, is leaving us.

In fact, it will do us a world of good. Small good actions repeated often, grow into good habits, and good habits cultivate good character. A good character produces the sound heart, the Qalb Saleem that guarantees our place in Al Jannah.

Allah takes account and magnifies every good deed. There was once a lady of easy virtue a prostitute , who found a thirsty dog, lying there, weak and almost lifeless. She took pity on the dog, so she removed one shoe and used it to scoop up some water. The dog survived. Because of that small act of charity, Allah forgave her sins and welcomed her to His Garden.

Never belittle even the smallest good deed. What seems small to us may be very big to Allah. Maybe one day, one such small action may open the doors of Al Jannah for us also. Was-salaatu was-salaamu alaa Khairil mursaleen. Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, kama barakta ala Ibrahim, wa ala ali ibrahim. Praise to Allah! There is no power and no strength except from Allah! My dear sisters and brothers, Even as we enjoy our Eid today, our hearts and our minds must also be with those who suffer all manner of hardship around the world.

Much of this suffering is man-made, not natural. In the midst of our Eid celebrations, let us also not forget how differently Eid is being celebrated right now in Gaza, in Iraq, in Syria, Yemen, among the Rohinya Muslims in Burma, Myanmar and other places of conflict around the world.

Allah has given us the blessing of safety and security over here. We sometimes forget how lucky we are. Whatever concerns we may have about some very misguided aspects of government foreign policy, we should be grateful for the freedom and security that we enjoy in this county, freedoms we often take for granted. But things could also have been worse, a lot worse than they are now.

So we sit there and we blame others and we complain, but we do nothing. We have no excuse. We can help the wonderful humanitarian work of Islamic Relief and other charities who fund projects around the world. Not far from our comfortable homes, there are many hungry and homeless people, right here in Britain! We can help the food banks and soup kitchens. There are broken homes and lonely old people, as well as misguided young people. We can invite non-Muslim neighbours into our homes, we can tell them about Islam, and show them what a beautiful deen we have.

To despair and give up all hope is a grave sin. A learned Shaykh once told the story of a hummingbird that flew back and forth with a few drops of water in its beak, trying to put out a forest fire.

Our efforts may seem so small and insignificant. Our tiny efforts can grow, just as little drops of water make a stream, a river, a flood, an ocean; and little snowflakes can become an avalanche, an irresistible force of nature that sweeps away everything in its path.

Sura Al-Fiil tells us about the year when Prophet Muhammad sws was born. But Allah empowered those birds. Allah magnified the ferocity of their attack and gave them victory against overwhelming odds. One of the great lessons our beloved Prophet Muhammad sws taught us is that we should work hard to fulfil the needs of others. Allah will take care of you and give you even more than you need, when you start to care for others.

We can and must help our brothers and sisters in Islam, as well as our brothers and sisters in humanity, i. Be grateful to Me, and do not reject faith. Rabbanaa aatina fid dunya hasanatan wa fil aakhirati hasanatan waqina athaaban naar.

O my Lord, please give us the best of this life and the best of the life to come, and save us from the torment of the Fire. O Lord, do not let our hearts deviate, now that we have been guided; but grant us mercy from Your very Presence; for you are the Granter of bounties without measure. High is He above the partners they associate with Him!

Peace on all the Prophets, and praise to Allah, Lord of all the worlds! Brothers and sisters!


Eid Al Adha Khutbah

It is recommended to review the excellent book: Sifatu salaat in-Nabee by al-Albaanee. Saheeh ul-Bukhaaree. Sharhu Taraajimi Abwaab il-Bukhaaree Al-Bukhaaree, Muslim, and Ahmad. Sharju Taraajimi Abwaab il-Bukhaaree


Another khutbah for Eidul Fitr – 2018

You are on page 1of 12 Search inside document Eid Al-Adha Today is a day of celebration: and as Muslims we should feel great joy today. But what is the reason for our revelry, the reason for our celebration, the reason for our joy? Today is Eid Al-Adha — the celebration of the sacrifice. And this is the season of Hajj — when the Muslims have come from around the world to the house of Allah in humility and submission. But let not the meaning of this great occasion be lost on those who have stayed behind. What does it mean that we commemorate an event when Allah asked Ibraheem to prepare to slaughter his only son?


Eidul Adha khutbah


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