Arashijar Hopefully I will have some Eureka moments and will become a brilliant trader some day and trade with the big money guys instead of chasing ticks all day long. Note that we follow the discpline of debnis to the campaign denniis if the prior lots are showing profit. When equity markets appear to be reaching a peak and profit taking is becoming prudent, close out losing positions first, close out positions with low profits next and close out positions with the largest percentage gain last. Without reading the book, played around with a square of 9 negative and postive, as well as some Fib levels for WTIC. When an uptrend is first triggered, buy the breakout. Then, progress to short term data e.

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Kigajora On a Friday too. Have a plan and work your plan. Diversification between sectors also is important. B8 bottom forms on a gap down! My disciplinarian and trading partner and myself sat up all night worrying about one of our canine kids in the hospital for removal of a tumor at the base of her tongue and throat. Reasons could be a combination of fundamental, technical and seasonal.

No PSS till a downswing completes some time in the future. Still holding Lots S1 and S2 short. Next, move forward to medium term i. Positions are added as success of the trade becomes apparent. All rules are made to be broken, but only infrequently. Although I set up a seperate account to trade in order to avoid conflicts with my daytrading positions, all my trades only qualify as the Short Term trades on repeat buys for quick profits, having let go the first two lots which were supposed to be held till an actual Reversal Sell is generated.

Reasons include a change in fundamentals that negate original reasons for the purchase, deterioration in fundamentals and the end of a period of seasonal strength. Most markets, sectors and stocks have a period of seasonal strength followed by a period of random performance. Instead we could two point average little subwave sisters and continuation of III.

Of course, I intend to take the next DOW buy also. And what a clean chart — not even a trend line. I can imagine Billy D. Position should be monitored and retained as long as original reasons for the transaction apply. Avoid junior exploration and development stocks of non-producing companies in the energy and mining sectors. The money that Fib tracks using the internals. Dunnigan used weekly charts for stocks and the daily for commodities.

But cursory back testing shows promise. But the P2T Penetration of 2 previous tops resulted in a solid buy signal for 1. Most corporations are reluctant to release negative information about their operations on a continuing basis. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

In addition, most fundamental analysts are reluctant to offer and maintain a sell recommendation on a stock for an extended period of time. So, the next thrust after a downswing can be a Reversal Buy Signal — the big kahuna of trade initiation in the DOW system.

Dunnigan to my rescue? Also some nice downside targets in the, areas. Then, progress to short term data e. An updated swing chart of YM below. If all initial reasons for the transaction no longer exist, positions should be liquidated.

For a guy who normally goes all in and takes off pieces as the trade goes in my favor, pyramiding was a new and strange experience. Each can be purchased individually. The key reasons for market tops and bottoms and the key reasons for sector advances and declines in the previous intermediate cycle never work in the next intermediate cycle.

This thread continues to evolve into quite the educational jewel, thanks again for taking the time to post these near-real-time Dunnigan signals. However, I tend to not fair well with projections. Is that a clarification or what? When examining potential equity positions, consider the size of ownership filetyle by senior management.

Without reading the book, played around with a square of 9 negative and postive, as well as some Fib levels for WTIC. She has written several books on the topic and offers training courses designed to help serious traders to become more successful. The first two buys will be liquidated only on a reversal signal.

We get a Thrust Down at T10 Top after a one day upswing. Wave I-II is still wondering when his brother measuring points is going to show up. Fortunately, most Exchange Traded Funds have gaetman reduced the risk associated with over-concentration in a small number of securities. For a guy with only a hammer, everything is a nail. I gained a little over points with 3 contracts.

No internals, not even volume for forex. Related Posts



Nikole Energizer Bunny is alive and well. Came across a special situation described by Mr Dunnigan when working with Euro daily price action. Market value for equity securities has very little to do with balance sheets, book values and profit and loss statements. Except for very short term e. Dang literal minded beasts, computers.


Kigajora On a Friday too. Have a plan and work your plan. Diversification between sectors also is important. B8 bottom forms on a gap down!

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