Daikus Each time the converter is installed without sanding rwbuild the crankshaft rust, removing the paint from converter pilot and adding a little grease the converter may be drawn up crooked with the first bolt, causing the converter to run-out and usually ruining the pump bushing. Thanked 1, Times in Posts. The 2nd most common complaint on converters is a whine after installation. Wear at the spring rebyild of the bore allows line pressure to exhaust resulting in low line pressure, soft shifts and burnt clutches.

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Dourg The F drum houses a clutch in the transmission, so no relation to the piston in question. The torque converter I got of a google search. I rebuilt the 5hp24 in 55hp24 iL. The clutches looked fine, rebuikd torn seals, and even the reverse plunger had no chunks taken out of it as seen on other posts. Now I want to rebuild an engine. When I disassembled the VB to clean and inspect it, I found no scoring of the bore, so elected to remain with the old unit.

The transmission shifts as always and the new Torque Converter appears to have cured the driveline vibration as well as occasional harsh downshifts I think were caused by the lock up clutch in the TC failing to release.

When I lined up the torque converter and tranny, I did have some problem with the TC binding on the flywheel, but I backed out the tranny and was able to to turn the torque converter, to get it to a point where things seem to fit together with no binding.

The Sonnax oversized valve kit restores correct valve-to-bore clearances and circuit integrity as well as preventing future wear in this area. This draws the converter hub too far out of the pump drive gear causing the gear to rock. Thank you sir for replying!. All the cooling stuff. I took my time and rebuilt it over many weekend over the summer. Done valve jobs, rebuild alternators, typical valley pans and oil separators. We had already measured from the tranny plug to the EGS plug and each wire came in at under 1 ohm.

If not enough clearance, remove transmission and check to see if converter is seated in front pump properly.

With the exception of metal fragments embedded in the frictions in the A clutch, I found no other damage. Its been sitting on an engine hoist since late last year. I used no formal guides. D Have only taken one apart to see where it failed.

Some day I will get to it. Find all posts by Norcal Kitty. Thank you Scott for the post. Most of this was the TC due to its weight. There is an updated pressure regulator valve See Figure 2 which could help the situation as long as the valve bore is not worn.

Prices all seem to be in the same ball park as when I did the job. Find all posts by sar98vdp. Bosanci — I dust did mine — but had a rebujld rebuild. Thanked 68 Times in 58 Posts. Wear at the spring end of the bore allows line pressure to exhaust resulting in low line pressure, soft shifts and burnt clutches.

Using the part numbers found under Service Information, replace the pressure regulator valve and the lower front valve body. The following errors rebuilc with your submission. As a replacement item it would be easy to change out on its own. Find all posts by avt Even after all these great pictures, I still have no idea how a transmission works.

Have a long, clean workbench to lay it all out on. The 5HP24 is a very easy transmission to strip and rebuild. Most Related.


5HP24 Valve Body Rebuild KIt ZF Oem

Although this is a pretty well built beefy unit, the "F" clutch piston can deteriorate to the point of failure. There is a service bulletin on that issue. This is a view of my experience, I would guess it took me about 25 hours or so! The job starts by disconnecting the battery and installing an engine support fixture that will hold the engine up when the front subframe is removed.

DIN 16868 PDF

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5HP24 Master Rebuld Kit - All Models





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